main services overview

Software Development

We can customize your desired IT Solution with our in-house experience of delivering world class enterprise solutions for over a decade. Our enthusiastic, professional team, technology experts and technical infrastructure provide a competitive edge to accomplish any project. Our solutions are customized according to the client's requirements. Our strength is due to our high level of technological expertise, applications experience and know-how, advantages that enable continuous improvements in this demanding field, to serve customers better.


Jeevan has mastered the art of combining the business models to work web by using the latest Internet technologies. With 80% of the company's product already designed for the web, there would not be any reason why we are setting our focus on E-commerce. The team has now successfully launched dozens of large portals for our varied customers across the globe. Jeevan also has its own portal an on-line B2B exchange for Apparel & Textile Business. Jeevan's ecommerce solutions are customized and offer clients great competitive advantage.

Web Enabling

Jeevan also can serve you by web-enabling your existing software applications and thus help you in sharing the certain vital information on the web in a secured layer. Our management experience in delivering solutions in web is more than five years and there is no reason why you cannot trust us for web-enabling your existing software application. Web enabling not only helps take advantage of the current web technologies, but also prepares clients for the future. Taking advantage of the client's existing infrastructure Jeevan ensures solutions that can cut down costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning

FIT ERP is proven application and is available at a very affordable price. The product can be implemented quickly and is very simple to use. It provides a complete view of your business information with real time data. It helps our customer make quick decisions and responds instantly for their information needs. FIT ERP can be easily scaled to size of your business and adapts quickly to your ever growing needs and optimizes your business process. The multi-lingual capability shall enable your users to launch the application in language of their choice in a quick time.

Mobile Applications

Technology change is constant and now, Mobile Application is one of the booming technologies. With changing technologies it makes sense to catch up with latest systems and technologies as it would help in reducing operating costs to improve the overall business and take it to next level. Jeevan is keen to take a step up in responsibility and helps clients to develop application in mobile platform so that it makes the whole transition seamless and make significant contribution in bringing their clients in top position in their own industry.