Soon in Chinese & German

Jeevan after working with European & Chinese Market have taken the decision to translate FIT range of products (ERP / CRM) with two more additional languages including German and Chinese. Jeevan have already launched French version of FIT to provide local touch to the users.

FIT - 2008 All new enterprise product will be Multi-lingual

Jeevan Infotech has planned to launch its all new FIT-2008 in Multi Lingual Platforms. The software will be a closely integrated solution for Manufacturing, Sourcing, Warehousing, Distribution & Retailing for apparel companies. The product has been designed with an user friendly interface for the customer to convert the entire package in their respective languge of choice. The new product will have LDM (Logical Data Manager) to install the package in the preferred backend either ORACLE or MYSQL OR MS-SQL of the customer. The products will be available in the market very soon.