Participation Announcement in Zak Garmentech India 2006

Upon The Successful Participation & Overwhelming Response In The 'Knit Show 2006'in Tirupur, Jeevan Announces Its Participation In The Fourth International Apparel Machinery & Accessories Trade Show 'Zak Garmentech India 2006', Mumbai.

The exhibition promises to provide a perfect platform for the best in Garment Machinery and Equipment, Spare Parts and Accessories for Garment Machinery, Leather machinery, Software for Textile and Garment Design, Data Monitoring, Controlling and Processing (CAD/CAM/CIM), Related Materials and Products, Trade Services and others.

Integration FMS - Floor Management System

FIT (Finish In Time) software is very popular in Tirupur and is being used by all major exporters in the city. Jeevan Infotech have recently integrated the first of its kind on-line capacity planning system that will help the apparel companies to integrate the Industrial Engineering concepts to calculate the capacity of their various factories for production along with Line Balancing to instantly decide the delivery feasibility to buyer. The company will also shortly introduce its on-line Barcoding & RFID enabling for real time production in factories, which is a very unique system for Apparel Companies in India.

Other Integration options

FIT (Finish in Time) software is also the first software product in the market that can directly be linked to Global Warehouses for direct ordering by buyers against stock and can also have facility for Brand Management and linking of Retail Chain Stores directly to a Supply Chain Management System. This kind of system shall be used by Larger Domestic and International brands. Jeevan Infotech is also tied up with a French Based company to integrate FIT software to a PDM System to generate real time collections that can be integrated to FIT -Buyer Relationship Management module. FIT also has a direct sampling and followup system integrated to a Time Calander which would create automatic e-mails to & from Buyers regarding the entire sample flow management. With this software there is a great potential of almost eliminating manual e-mails to buyer for managing the Customer Order Sheets.

This new technical innovation by Jeevan Infotech has the capacity to completely change the way of working of Tirupur Exporters and very soon you can seel all exporters working in a paperless office environment.