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India's leading T-shirt brand Classic Polo have implemented FIT-ERP and is operating the entire manufacturing and distribution throught FIT-ERP application

Classic Group of companies, India having their brand network all over the country started implementing the FIT-ERP system for their manufacturing unit a year back and now have covered the entire nation wide distribution through FIT-SCM (Supply Chain Managemen) modules. By doing this Classic Polo have one stop IT solution for all their business process using FIT-ERP.

FIT-ERP now extended to Spinning

After succesful implementation of FIT-ERP for their Garmenting, Warehousing, Branding & distribution, Classic Polo have now signed the contract with JEEVAN INFOTECH to implement the product for their large spinning unit in South India.

All Stores Connected

POSS System of FIT-ERP have direct connection to all stores across the country through XML file synchronization to the central web-server, thus enabling a single point analysis of nation wide sales & stock. Shop owners or customers can directly login to the website to see the status of their orders and also stock position at various warehouses across the country.